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3-D Manhole Scanning

RH Borden now offers contract services to conduct 3-D Manhole Scanning using the latest in scanning technology.  3-D Scanning generates a virtual twin of each manhole so you can identify attributes such as barrel diameter, invert dimensions, defect type and size, wall degradation, and much more.  Scans add significant value for Pre vs Post rehabilitation studies, identifying active and inactive infiltration, quantifying wall degradation caused  by H2S and developing a budget for long term asset management.  

3-D Video
Point Cloud
Wall Thickness Change
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Interactive 3-D Manhole Software

Custom design Peacemaker ® odor / corrosion control solutions to fit your needs

99% Plus Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S ) and other mercaptants Loading removal

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Can be sized for any application
  • Manhole Cover Scrubber
    • Lift or Pump Station Scrubbers
      • Full Facility Industrial Applications

Wangen Progressive Cavity Pumps

are designed specifically for conveying slurries and sludges with high solids content and high viscosities. These pumps  provide substantial advantages over other technologies when pumping viscous and high solids materials.

Wangen Twin Screw Pumps

This new pump technology is designed for sanitary applications, ie. food processing, beverage production, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.  Its laminar flow, with little or no shear is excellent for maintaining product integrity and extremely low Oxygen uptake.  The Twin Screw design also eliminates the need for a CIP bypass loop and is Cleaned In Place without dismantling.  This unique pump also transfers high viscosity materials up to 1,000,000 cP. 

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