See your manholes without ever leaving your chair.

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  • No manned entry
  • Accurate to 1 mm
  • High resolution 6k videos
  • The world's most dense point cloud for digital analysis

The manhole is scanned using the Cues Spider 3D Manhole Scanner, which uses 8 stereoscopic cameras to generate a high density point cloud and 6K video of the manhole. Once the scan is complete, a virtual copy of the manhole is created.

Watch the accompanying video to see the SPiDER in action.

Collect Dimensions

Measure manhole inverts, pipe diameters, water levels, flow lines, and other dimensions quickly and safely with an accuracy of ±1mm. Click here for a demo (note: it may run slowly in your browser).

Monitor Condition

View the manhole condition. Can you see the signs of deterioration on the bottom half?

Assess Wall Degradation

Assess the amount of manhole wall loss to see if lining is needed. The scale on the right side shows the amount of wall loss. In this example the max loss is 1 inch in some areas.

High Resolution Videos

View the inside of all your manholes in 6K resolution from your computer. Avoid confined space entry and easily share manhole structure details online with others with the click of a button.

Cutting Edge Technology in System Management

Creating "digital twins" and using data provides a better way for asset management.

Now you have an expert manhole inspector

RH Borden's manhole assessment and data management services give you:

  • Every manhole's current condition compared with its as-built standard
  • The ability to know when a manhole needs to be maintained
  • Online access to your underground infrastructure
  • The ability to collaborate virtually on your underground infrastructure

And you can have all of this without sending anyone underground!

You need to have your manholes inspected regularly. Borden's manhole inspections are powered by the SPiDER—the advanced inspection tool. It never gets distracted, is never bothered by H2S, and never forgets what it sees. 

And everything the SPiDER sees is managed by Borden's data management systems, so you can see every manhole from the comfort of your office.