The videos below shows how 3D Manhole Scanning can be used for asset management 

How it Works:

The manhole is scanned using the Cues Spider 3D Manhole Scanner.  This device uses 8 stereoscopic cameras to generate a high density point cloud and 6K video of the manhole.  Once the scan is complete, a virtual copy of the manhole is created.

Collect Dimensions

Measure manhole inverts, pipe diameters, water levels, flow lines and other dimensions quickly and safely with an accuracy of ±2mm.

Monitor Condition

View the manhole condition. The manhole below shows signs of deterioration on the bottom half.

Monitor Degradation

Assess the amount of manhole wall loss to see if lining is needed.  The scale on right side shows the amount of wall loss.  In this example the max wall loss is 1" in some areas.

Confirm Lining Thickness:

Measure manhole lining thickness to check lining quality.  Areas in red below have coating above .125".  White and blue speckle areas indicate lining below the .125" specification.

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