Colorado Special District Liability Pool Members Get Special Treatment

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Get Rewarded for your Membership

When your sanitation district joins the condition-based maintenance movement, you are raising your hand in favor of effective asset management, efficient cleaning and maintenance, and lower latent risk on your system. And RH Borden has partnered with the Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool to help make your district's switch to condition-based maintenance as easy as possible.

Your pool membership means:

  • Your district receives an exclusive 5% discount on all RH Borden services. This is the only discount RH Borden offers and it is only for members of the Pool.                
  • You have the option to include some RH Borden services in the Pool's risk-reduction grants.
  • Certain RH Borden services meet certain requirements of the Pool Sanitation Maintenance Warranty Deductible, including:
    • Inspection requirements,
    • Mapping requirements, and
    • Recordkeeping and documentation requirements.

To discuss the benefits your membership gives you with RH Borden, call Kwin Peterson at 801-558-5463.

Special District Pool Letter