Condition-based management is here.

Manage your system and resources more effectively.

The Data is the Key to the Future

Condition-based asset management is sweeping the world—here's what it means.

We all know from experience that only 11% of our system needs to be cleaned, but because we haven't known which 11% needed cleaning, we've had to clean everything based on a schedule. With the data delivered by RH Borden's system and manhole solutions, we can know exactly which assets require attention and stop cleaning pipes that are already clean.

The SL-RAT is a great example of how data makes condition-based maintenance possible. Check out the graphic and case study below. Our Condition-Based Collection System Standard Operating Procedure has been approved for use by the Utah Risk Management Agency, the Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool, and CIRSA. You can learn more about the SOP here.

Condition-based maintenance is the new standard.

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