Syneco Oder Control Systems are truly unique in that they require:

  • No Biological Media

  • No Irrigation

  • No Plumbing

  • Extremely Low Mantenance

A patented media that uses a polymeric amine, formulated for maximum removal of H2S and volatile mercaptans.  The media reacts with H2S and mercaptans to form water-soluble, non-volatile, biodegradeable poly sulfides. Simply, gaseous H2S is converted to a stable, liquid polymer. Peacemaker® scrubber systems are designed to achieve a minimum H2S reduction of 99% + through the Stage 1 media bed.
Activated carbon does a very efficient job of scrubbing low levels of H2S and other malodors. With 99%+ of the H2S and the majority of volatile mercaptans, organic amines and sulfurs being removed in the converter bed, the polishing bed easily removes the remaining low levels of malodors, resulting in complete odor control.

Applications are Flexible and Scaleable

From the very small

Manhole and Vent H2S Scrubbers

To the very Large

Full Facility Plant Scrubbers

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