Data to Manage Your System

Borden's data management solution is included with every Borden service.

You Already Have Data...Everywhere

Each manhole, pipe segment, lifting station, and wet well is represented by data...somewhere. It may be in filing cabinets, on spreadsheets, or in the heads of your long-time employees.

With RH Borden, your data becomes much more accessible and actionable.

What's In RH Borden's Data View

During an assessment the computers on the SL-RAT gather location information and pipe segment condition. This information is transferred from the SL-RAT to a map layer called "SL-RAT Scores" for that year (each year's scores are a saved to allow you to track trends). 

As RH Borden crews assess your system they assess each manhole they open—noting conditions and taking pictures if needed. This information is captured as layers about manhole conditions. Our crews also report on manholes that have been buried or paved over, and manholes that are in the ground but not on your maps. Manholes that have had a 3D Manhole scan are also marked in the map view,

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Making Your Data Useful

Your system is underground and mostly invisible. RH Borden's data management solution gives you:

  • A complete GIS map of your system — for many system managers, this alone is worth the price of the service.
  • Layers for many elements of your system — toggle between different elements: pipes, manholes, etc.
  • A view that you can share with crews, city council members, and other stakeholders — identify trends and perennial problem areas.
  • The confidence to know and explain exactly what you need for your department and why — show on screen where construction, repair, and expansion is called for.

Industry-leading data management is included with every collection system service

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