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In the food and beverage industry our understanding of responsible tank cleaning is to help you achieve the optimum balance of factors, such as quality of clean, water consumption, low temperature, minimal chemicals, shortest time and least manpower.

Our responsible tank cleaning addresses critical hygiene factors and optimises additional parameters so that cleaning is achieved in the most effective manner. With many food brands being global we know our customers need to have the confidence that our equipment will work consistently 24/7 wherever they may be located throughout the world.

Springless check valves  Magnetic Technology .
Ygros. From the quest for perfection.

This new and inovative technology offers the optimum in check valve efficiency and reliability.  With no springs and no valve stems, blockage, and sticking are virtually eliminated.

Maintenance is significantly reduced

Traditional Spring loaded non return valve

  • Spring: Can misfire, or even break (damaging the plant)​
    • Requires regular maintenance

    • Opposes significant resistance = Hard opening = Pressure drop

    • Gets corroded = contamination

    • Disc: Breaks the flow

    • Causes turbulences and foam

    • Stagnation points = Media entrapment = bacterical contamination

 (No spring, no disc)

    • No spring, nor disc = nothing can get broken
    • Maintenance free

    • Easy opening = Very low pressure drop = Energy saving

    • Nothing can get corroded

    • Allows for a smooth flow

    • No turbulences (laminar flow)

    • No stagnation points = no contamination


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