Here's what others are saying about the SL-RAT

Wade Eva

Santaquin City

Public Works Director

"This is the most amazing device I have seen in 40 years!  We can now assess our entire system every year for less than what we were spending to assess a third of it."

Chuck Gillette, P.E.

Ivins City

Public Works Director

"This new technology does appear to be valuable in reducing the City’s labor costs by reducing
the regular practice of cleaning pipes that may not need to be cleaned... So far this means a reduction of cleaning responsibilities by 10X!

James Thomas

Salem City

Wastewater Superintendent

"Due to the success of acoustic assessments in our city, we are in the process of updating our SSMP to incorporate this into our annual plan for collection system maintenance."

Mack Straw

Eagle Mountain City

Public Works Director

"The SL-RAT is helping us to support the rapid growth of our collection system."

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South Jordan, UT 84095