You know that only about 11% of your system needs to be cleaned.

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Done For You

Because public works departments often have more work than staff to do it, RH Borden has developed the assessment-as-a-service program especially for small and rapidly-growing systems. For a fraction of the cost of cleaning, RH Borden crews will assess your entire system over the course of a few days, track your data, and give you a complete GIS map showing exactly which manholes and pipe segments need attention.

The SL-RAT—Using "Sound Science" to:

–Save time

–Save water

–Save money

The Sewer Line-Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT) uses sound to easily and quickly assess the health of any segment of pipe. Using the SL-RAT, a two-man crew can assess over 20,000 feet of pipe in a day. You can quickly know which segments of your collection system need cleaning and which are already clean.

Data Management:

–See your system as never before

–Track your trends

–Share your results

The SL-RAT collects data about pipe conditions, segment length and GPS locations, and our crews add visual inspection information, notes and pictures. All this data goes into RH Borden's industry-leading data management and visualization solution, which is easily shared with city councilors, stakeholders, and crew members.

Your data from RH Borden includes GPS coordinates so the assessments also build a full GIS map of your system.

Since 2018 RH Borden has assessed over 51 million feet of pipe.

And more than 80% of it did not need to be cleaned.

RH Borden's Sewer System Solution is Designed for You

We've we have designed our solution specifically to support the public works directors responsible for small and rapidly-changing collection systems. RH Borden's service takes the worry of backups and system conditions off your hands and allows you and your crews to focus building out your systems and fixing the big problems that face you every day. With RH Borden you:

  • Get a complete GIS map of your system showing the condition of every pipe and manhole lid, collar, and riser.
  • Will know which 11% of your pipes need attention and which are just fine.
  • Save time, money, and water by not cleaning pipes that are already clean.
  • Can fix the visible problems that ratepayers see and accurately plan your work for the year.
  • Can show your ratepayers that you are a great steward of their taxes and fees.
  • Significantly reduce emergency overflows.

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