Using Sound to Determine Which Pipe Segments Need Cleaning

This changes everything.

Our Proven Field Assessment Tool

The "SL-RAT" consists of two pieces of equipment—a speaker and a microphone—that are placed on adjacent manholes. Using a series of sounds at different frequencies, the SL-RAT can tell the amount of blockage in any segment of pipe. This information is stored in computers and supplied by Borden in a GIS map. 

The Rat allows rapid assessment of your entire system with:

  • Inspection of more than 20,000 feet of pipe per day (that's almost four miles of pipe)
  • No fluid contact
  • No confined space entry
  • The ability to go where jet and CCTV trucks can't
  • Results that have been validated by the EPA
  • Conformance to Utah Risk Management Agency requirements
  • Recognition by the Utah Trust (Click here to read the letter)
  • Approval by the Colorado Special District Property and Liability Pool
  • Approval by the Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency

Here is a short video that describes how the SL-RAT works.

Ready for Details?

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Condition-Based Maintenance is the New Standard.